Girls, we don’t usually play favourites but, how could you not with Dave B, our jack of all trades?



This gorgeous spunk is interesting, fun and loves to keep himself busy. If he’s not at the gym or being one of Sydney Hotshots’ most favoured performers, you can find him working as a forklift driver by day, plus he is a certified personal trainer. I bet you also didn’t know this ladies, but Dave also appears regularly on Channel 7’s popular TV show “Home and Away”, and on several other television commercials. He is cultured, handsome and of course, although he does a variety of other things, performing with the Sydney Hotshots has to be his favourite job. “I love performing and making the girls have the night of their lives, it gives me such a buzz!”


To catch Dave B in action, you can watch him at most of our Sydney/NSW shows, and for more information about our Vegas Lounge male revue show click here: Sydney Hotshots Vegas Lounge

Channing Tatum Eat your Heart Out: Meet the Hotshots Will Taylor

Sydney Hotshots most eligible bachelor!
Sydney Hotshots most eligible bachelor!

With his muscular arms, rock-hard six-pack and provocative dance routines, Channing Tatum sent worldwide audiences into a yet another frenzy last year in his role as Magic Mike in the hit movie franchise.

However, it’s not just buff 35-year-old Hollywood actors who know how to make a hot-blooded crowd go weak at the knees – enter The Sydney Hotshots.

Australia’s most successful male revue act perform tantalizing shows every weekend for hen parties, girls’ nights out and those who just want to see a bunch of tight muscled hunks dance about in skimpy underwear. For many Sydney girls it’s a wild indulgent night that gives them something to smile about come Monday. In short they give you a weekend well worth remembering.

But who are the hotshots and what are they all about? Could it be true that all male strippers are representative of their stereotype?  That they are brainless and this is the only job they can do?

Think again:

Introducing Will Taylor to the mix and seven reasons why we love him (aside the obvious).

  1. Will spent 5 years in the military conducting counter piracy in Somalia. He’s a qualified canoeing/kayaking instructor, open water diver, wreck diver AND paraglider. If you thought it couldn’t get any more advanced that this then you’re wrong. Will’s also a downhill slalom skier for the military championships. He’s brave, adventurous and a real go-getter.

  1. Ever seen a pilot in uniform? Will’s not only piloted a plane, he’s also jumped out of one by himself.

  1. He’s smart and knows how to lay a good conversation down on the table. Will has his A- levels in graphic design, modern history, psychology, critical thinking & philosophy and ethics.

  1. He’s an ex-military cross country champion AND a fitness instructor.

  1. He speaks Spanish, French and a little Turkish

  1. As a qualified electrician Will knows how to make sparks fly.

  1. He plays the guitar too <3

Come and see Will perform live at the Vegas Lounge this Saturday. You can keep up to date on his whereabouts by visiting or giving us a call on (02) 9659 4111.


7 Things to do if you’re Single on Valentine’s Day

Single on Valentines Day in Sydney
Sydney Hotshots Valentines Blog for all of the Single Sydney Girls out there…

Are you and any of your friend’s single this Valentine’s Day? If you’re planning on hitting the vodka and digging out the Bridget Jones movie for a night of crying, think again! For this weekend might just be the best ever weekend to celebrate your single-dom.

For all of our single ladies out there, take a look at our list of exciting things you could be getting up to this Valentines weekend:

Treat yourself to a Pamper Day

You’re not spending money on your other half this year so why not treat yourself to a full on pamper day either at home or in the spa? Every woman deserves to pamper herself and Valentines weekend is the perfect time to fall in love with your hair, skin, smile and (insert your favourite body part here). Nourish yourself, celebrate yourself and enjoy every inch of you this weekend (you deserve it).

Throw a Party

Bring the party to you and do your thing as the hostess with the most-ess. Yes baby! Gather your girlfriends round, get the drinks in and celebrate your independence with anthems such as Gloria Gaynor’s ‘I Will Survive’ or Aretha Franklin’s ‘Respect’. Shake your thing, make some home made cocktails and rejoice in your strong womanhood.

Round up your Mates and Come to see the Sydney Hotshots Valentines Special!

Yes girls. It really is the best weekend to be Single and if you’re living in Sydney and you’re wondering what to do this Saturday Night then we’ve got it covered for you. Aside from an extra naughty live show with the sexy Sydney Hotshots, we’ve got topless (and incredibly hunky) male model waiters to serve you hand and foot, a three course Italian Tapas meal and the after party of your wildest dreams. Grab your girls, choose your outfit and Click here to book.

Spend it with Family

Love is all around us and when it comes to family that is especially true. Spend time with your nearest and dearest and have some family fun. If you’ve got nieces or nephews you could even offer to babysit for them and be the ‘cool’ auntie whilst giving their parents a break for the night. You’ll feel good, they will love you for it and you’ll get to spend some time reflecting on what really matters.

Work with what you’ve got – and Sweat it

Get your gym gear or and hit the beach for a run. Valentine’s day is always a good motivation tool to start doing the things that make you look and feel great for you (no-body else ) and there’s no better way to release those endorphins than a good and proper sweaty workout.

Go on a Hot Date

It’s never too late to bag yourself a hot cheeky date! With plenty of fun speed dating events around for singles this weekend and social apps such as Tinder, picking up can be easy as 1,2,3. Have some fun getting the best shot of yourself and get flirting.

Hire a Hunk

If you’re having a girl’s night in or going solo why not hire a hot hunk to make your Valentine’s Day the best yet? Our hot hunks are available for hire and will be more than happy to keep the champagne flowing, pamper and wait on your every need. Toned and muscly they will turn up to your party wearing nothing but tight sexy pants or boxers. The choice is yours. To book give one of our hotshots staff a call on (02) 9659 4111(02) 9659 4111 or click here to make an enquiry.

Whatever you decide to do we would like to wish all of you sexy ladies a hunky Valentine’s Day from the Sydney Hotshots!

Sydney Hotshots make the BEST girls night out, because…

Tamar (Sydney) tells us all about her girls night out with the Sydney Hotshots!

Sydney Hot Shots 28.6.14 (large) (26)

The Sydney Hotshots make a great girls night out because they are fun, flirty, hot, sexy, muscley and they know how to have fun and they can perform. They play really good theme music for each performer and they have fun games to play and prizes to be won. You can buy their merchandise as well and I would recommend Sydney Hotshots to all my girlfriends to go and see. They perform in the vegas lounge which is close to night clubs if you feel like partying after the show. I would invite all my girlfriends for a girls night out to watch the Sydney Hotshots because it is so much fun and you also get the chance to have photos with the hot sexy guys and meet them as well. The MC is very entertaining throughout the night with loads of funny jokes, especially when he introduces the guys from Sydney Hotshots. The Sydney Hotshots are the best and sexiest in the business. I would go and watch them every Saturday night as it is so entertaining and so much fun. I would love to take my girlfriends to see the Sydney Hotshots watch them perform and meet the guys in person too and really have a great night of fun – forget the boyfriends and husbands this is just a show for ladies only with the Sydney Hotshots. My girlfriends would be down!

  • Tamar (Sydney, Australia)

Sydney Hotshots Girls Night Out Review by Gina Chalk!

Our fabulous and dedicated Hotshot fan Gina Chalk attended 7 shows from our most recent New Zealand tour. Here are 2 accounts written by her (after the Tauranga RSA show and The Establishment) that tells us exactly why she loves the Sydney Hotshots:

“Well Well Well where to start from Saturday night show in Tauranga show no 5…….. well this is where im gonna say How Awesome Dave Hughes is as a MC performer a person in general WOW if hotshots come back next year I hopes he comes back as a MC honestly he good at it and not boring he fun funny and has the the girls laughing. i don’t think no one would match the standard that Dave has 🙂 Okay now Philippe when he came out he was so in the zone must say one of his best performance by far that I’ve seen so far as for bad boy David all I can say is that is wow wow wow always a great performance from him the car wash act, hand jive and getting 3 girls up to do a lap dance is always good and a good laugh at the same time and how they always go out into the crowd and give lap dances and gets the ladies going is always nice to see. The second half of the show is well Will solo is always funny at the start and then get lost in the moment you always hear the girls go awwww when hero starts to play it so sweet but i have saved the best for last Dave solo how he comes out in his uniform and just the way he moves i must say in all the years he been doing it he still has it in him and how he brought this lady up who was only little i must say and we all know how Dave is all muscle (built like a lion lol) she didn’t know what to expect it was funny but good then he was running through the crowd then pulls me on stage considering i was sitting in the corner he grab me the whole i was laughing could take anything serious. but on that note it was a good night was a fantastic show will I go to another before they go home well that just a silly question isn’t it!”

“Final show for New Zealand and what a treat it was to be able to attend the last show in New Zealand and must say watching it from the back tells another story. Philippe solo was off the hook so in the zone his moves were spot on and so charming to watch. David solo once again was spot on and his smile his moves just a legend now the lap dance competition and Daivd girl wins it was mad now it car wash always a good one to watch now it hand jive time Dave is always funny when he getting them to go under his mic. Now it time for Dave solo stands there in his uniform so slick and smooth running through the girls they are going wild crazy but in a good way music pumping. Will turn and so focus on his solo awesome and so sweet to watch raffle time and it always good to see the boys last routine mad as always what a way to finish show in NZ!”

From all the performers and staff at the Sydney Hotshots, we would love to give Gina a big THANK YOU for being such an amazing fan! <3

The Sydney Hotshots New Zealand Tour 2015 – At A Glance!

From Wellington to Pahiatua, Raglan, New Plymouth, Wanganui and Masterton, our Sydney Hotshots performers have travelled through country terrain and beautiful cities, and the tour isn’t even over yet.

 will nz beach philippe nz

At the beginning of the tour, Dave H, Dave B, Philippe and tour manager Will were all super excited and anxious, as Dave B has family residing in the beautiful country and Will had never been there before. All four of them agree that it is one of the most gorgeous countries they have ever set foot in. Almost every day, Will can’t help but post a Facebook status commenting on how beautiful the landscape is, not to mention the crisp, incredible New Zealand air that makes polluted cities and other areas a distant memory.

Their first show on their tour run was at Wellington’s Boogie Wonderland, and from first impressions the guys knew they would only have to look forward to the hospitality of New Zealanders. They had a fantastic night and thoroughly enjoyed meeting the locals, which set very high standards for areas to come. As a treat and a parting gift, the venue managers said goodbye to the guys with a box of Whittaker’s chocolate – which immediately became the guys’ new little guilty pleasure, and once they found out it is locally owned and produced, they made it their mission to continue the tour always with a box of Whittaker’s handy to tame their sweet-tooth on their days with loads of driving among the inevitable several times they would have to live off kettle-boiled eggs and chicken breast.

Next stop, the Post Office Hotel in Pahiatua, a beautiful little town in the south-east of the North Island! Not surprisingly, the show sold out within 9 days and the guys definitely did not disappoint. The friendliness and generosity of the staff and locals really stood out, and it was clear that the ladies of Pahiatua were most definitely looking forward to watching them perform. Venue manager Kylie stated many times that it is a massive event for the town, and they would have the guys back again in a heartbeat, especially since the tickets sold out so quickly!

After a few days of travelling and performing in Palmerston North and Hamilton, it was off to Raglan to perform at the Orca Restaurant and Bar. The guys were so excited to visit this particular town as Dave H and Dave B had driven past during previous tours and have always wanted the opportunity to stop, stay and dance. “On last year’s New Zealand tour, we were driving past Raglan on the way to New Plymouth from Wellington and one of the boys pointed out how beautiful it was. We were so disappointed that we couldn’t stop and stay because it just looked so lovely.” The night was a huge success with over 100 screaming local ladies packed in a room who all knew what the Sydney Hotshots were all about, thanks to a lovely reporter from the Raglan Chronicle who featured us in an exclusive story.

The guys then had a couple days off to travel slowly and soak up the New Zealand scenery like true tourists. On Tuesday 10th November, our Hotshots had the pleasure of appearing on Good Morning New Zealand on which they played a fun “Have You Ever” game with the show hosts. They suffered from questions such as “Have you ever had to lie about your job” and “What’s your favourite pick-up line”, which proved a fun and enjoyable break from driving for so many days and potentially becoming a little stir-crazy! The guys also had a chat to the hosts about their personal life, like their pets, their family and where they envision themselves in five years from now. After the segment aired, the guys were regularly stopped on the streets as ladies recognised them as the Sydney Hotshots.

From the Good Morning New Zealand studio in Auckland, it was off to The Mayfair in New Plymouth, then The Furlong in Hawera, and at the end of the week, it was the lovely Doolan Brothers Newmarket, where they had the opportunity to meet and greet with the locals of Newmarket. It was then off to The Greytown in Wairarapa, Stellar Bar and Restaurant in Wanganui, Masterton Cosmopolitan Club in Masterton, Levin Club in Levin and Putaruru Hotel in Putaruru in the following week. The guys couldn’t help but constantly let the office know of how privileged they felt to be able to immerse themselves and take the time to revel in the gorgeous New Zealand atmosphere. They are keeping the selfies and the scenery pics going, and they can’t hopping out of the tour van and documenting some beautiful areas!

This week, the Sydney Hotshots appeared at the Kauri Arms Tavern in Kaitaia, and the Old Stone Butter Factory in Whangarei. For the remainder of the tour, they will be performing at:

  • Sat 28 Nov: Tauranga RSA @ 7.30pm, $35
  • Sun 29 Nov: Tomis in Taupo @ 8pm, $30
  • Wed 2 Dec: Onekawa Sideline Bar @ 8:30pm, $30
  • Thurs 3 Dec: Frasertown Tavern @ 8pm, $30
  • Fri 4 Dec: Gisborne Cosmopolitan Club @ 8pm, $30
  • Sat 5 Dec: Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan Club @ 8.30pm, $30
  • Sun 6 Dec: The Establishment @ 8:30pm, $30

Tickets can be purchased by contacting the venues directly via phone or in person. Get in quick ladies, with all the hype around the guys, you definitely would not want to miss out!

Girls Night Out at Glenquarie Tavern – ‘Sydney Hotshots are definitely Hot!’

I recently enjoyed a girls night out at Glenquarie Tavern watching the Sydney Hotshots. We had such a great girls night out that we made a weekend of it in the city and booked another show at the Vegas Lounge. We enjoyed a VIP experience and partied at the Bellini Lounge after party and had an awesome night. Would definitely enjoy another show and have plans to organise another girls night out soon for the party girls that missed out on this experience. The guys are great performers and really set the atmosphere to continue partying on the rest of the night. Sydney Hotshots are hot and definitely an experience all ladies would enjoy!

By Margaret (Macquarie Fields, Sydney NSW)


Great Ideas for a Girls Night Out in Sydney!

Girls Night Out Crowd

Sometimes in life you just need to break away and head out with the girls for a great night out. There are hundreds of reasons for us girls to break away…hen’s parties, engagement parties, work parties, celebrations, or maybe we just need a little pampering. Luckily we live in Sydney and there are some brilliant options for us all around the city. There is nothing better than a bit of pamper and coordinated chaos.

Recently a friend of mine broke up with her long term boyfriend and she was pretty devo (as they say here.) We could have all gone over to her house to comfort her, but we wanted to make it upbeat and positive – the start of something new – so we hit the streets on a good old fashioned girls night out. First stop, hair and nails. Best confidence booster. We decided to add some dress up flair and have a night out with a focus on 50’s values, so it was beehives and pearls and the frocks and heels to compliment the day. Then, keeping to the theme, we found a boutique bar in Kings Cross and hit up the martinis and gin and tonics for a spot of false confidence.

Kings Cross has a natural air of decadence and we found ourselves at the Vegas Lounge where the Sydney Hotshots perform each Saturday. HOT being the operative word! Omiword! We bought the last remaining tickets, climbed the red carpet to the upper level, and the rest is history. I would like to say “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” but then there would be nothing to write about. So I’ll spill the beans. Topless hot male waiters everywhere! Six packs and ripples, giant white smiles and attentive eyes bringing you cocktails. A room full of women all on their own girl’s night out experiences. And what a group! There were at least 3 hen’s party groups, a gaggle celebrating an end of deadline party, a coming of age group and who knows what else. The reasons to be there seem endless and it was difficult to ask questions in the name of journalism with the pumping music and packed chairs. To paint a picture of the room, imagine 150 women all giggling and whispering to each other, sitting theatre style waiting for the show. It doesn’t stay that way though, once the show is underway there is whooping and screaming and laughing and the place turns to chaos. The lights turn down, the music heats up and for the next two hours we were absorbed in a show that featured six ripped men dancing, jiving and pulling women on stage in all sorts of antics. We laughed and drank until we became dishevelled and slightly unruly and then grabbed a taxi and hit up Newtown where we settled into a late night café to drink hot chocolate and people watch. We spent a couple of hours discussing life problems and then after enough hot chocolate to reverse two months worth of Pilates classes, caught another taxi to the late night venue, The Bridge hotel in Rozelle. It is renowned as a place where singles across the city get together to sing and dance the night away to a local singer/guitarist and we stayed there until eventually had to catch taxis home in the pre-dawn light, utterly exhausted but happy. It was absolutely brilliant and all of us loved every minute of our girls night out, especially our poor “dumpee” who has a new lease on life.

So after our fun, I thought I would check with the girls in the office and see where they go out. Helen went on a hen’s night with a bunch of old school friends and they chose a stripper cruise from Sydney Harbour. A smile lights up her face as she reminisces but doesn’t tell much other than to say that it’s the best night out you can have with girlfriends, especially ones that you don’t see too often. If you ask Susan if a girls night out is a recommended activity, she just smiles and says “for sure”. Loretta bursts out laughing when I ask her about her girls night out experiences. A few years back, 40 of them went out to see the Puppetry of the Penis show. They caught a party bus and went to the show (“utterly disgusting” she laughs naughtily), had dinner, drank too much, got silly, and then went onto a cocktail bar and then a late night underground dance party. She says she loved her time out because it’s a different atmosphere, you’re having fun with friends that you haven’t seen for a while and its just good to let your hair down. Finally I asked Bec. To celebrate a friend’s 21st, they hired a hotel function room and had a black and white theme night with a deejay, canapes and topless waiters. The room was decked out with different pamper options including facials, hair, nails, neck and shoulder massages, hand and foot massages and little gift bags on entry that included jewellery and chocolate. After decadent snacks hand fed by gorgeous men while they were being pampered, they took turns in speaking about the birthday girl and embarrassing her with funny stories. After three hours they left and met up with their boyfriends at the Ivy and danced until closing.

Everyone has at least one occasion where they need time out with their girls and luckily we live in one of the most diverse and exciting cities in the world where there are literally dozens of options and girls night out specialists to help make it memorable.

  • By Jennifer (Sydney, NSW)

The Sydney Hotshots are headed BACK TO NEW ZEALAND!


 sydney hotshots dance 1


Featuring routines from Magic Mike, Justin Timberlake and Michael Jackson


Ever evolving and adapting, the Sydney Hotshots (the sexiest six packs from Sydney!) have been on the road for the last 10 months with their My Love Tour; over 150 dates, sell out shows and 5000 kilometres of screaming giggling women. This brand new show coming exclusively to New Zealand features dance tributes to Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake plus special choreographed dance moves celebrating Fifty Shades of Grey and Magic Mike!

Throughout the night the show sizzles with excitement with an appearance by Mr Grey (Fifty Shades of Grey) and a new hot and sweaty power tool grinding Magic Mike routine (a tribute to Magic Mike II). The classic standards still make an appearance including the hot as hell Fireman, the sensual and sensitive Officer and a Gentleman and the naughty Policeman.

Sydney Hotshots are renowned nationwide for their high energy routines, spectacular six packs, their audience attention and the excited ladies that pack out every show. The Sydney Hotshots show captures the perfect balance of sex appeal and tasteful teasing. The audience will enjoy a memorable range of entertainment during the two hour show, including a variety of games and competitions, plus some up close and personal attention on stage with the boys! The show also includes comedy, merchandise, and photo opportunities with the guys.


  • Wed 4 Nov – Boogie Wonderland – Wellington
  • Thurs 5 Nov – Post Office Hotel – Pahiatua
  • Fri 6 Nov – The Royal Hotel – Palmerston North
  • Sat 7 Nov – Hamilton – Cossie Club
  • Sun 8 Nov – Orca Restaurant – Raglan
  • Tues 10 Nov – East Coast Bays RSA – Auckland
  • Thurs 12 Nov – The Mayfair – New Plymouth
  • Fri 13 Nov – The Furlong – Hawera
  • Sat 14 Nov – The Doolan Brothers – Auckland
  • Wed 18 Nov – The Greytown Hotel – Greytown
  • Thurs 19 Nov – Stellar Bar & Restaurant – Wanganui
  • Friday 20 Nov – Masterton Cossie Club – Masterton
  • Sat 21 Nov – Levin Club – Levin
  • Sun 22 Nov – Putaruru Hotel – Putaruru
  • Wed 25 Nov – The Kauri Arms Tavern – Kaitaia
  • Thurs 26 Nov – Old Stone Butter Factory – Whangarei
  • Fri 27 Nov – North Shore Cossie Club – Auckland
  • Sat 28 Nov – Tauranga RSA – Tauranga
  • Wed 2 Dec – Onekawa Napier – Napier
  • Thurs 3 Dec – Frasertown Tavern – Hastings
  • Fri 4 Dec – Gisborne Cossie Club- Gisborne
  • Sat 5 Dec – Upper Hutt Cossie – Upper Hutt
  • Sun 6 Dec – The Establishment – Wellington

Cassandra Geselle

(02) 9659 4111

Throw the Ultimate Hens Party in Sydney

It’s her last night of singledom and all the girls are out in full force to give her a night she’ll always remember. If you’re planning a hen party and you’re stuck on ideas then look no further. We’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve…

Hens Nights in Sydney

Whether it’s a classy girl’s night in or an x-rated night out its important you know your hens inside out.

Steamy and Seductive Girls Night In

Get your girls together, order in the champagne and cocktail material and get the drinking games on the go! If you think the girls are up for some man candy but worried about what older in-laws might say then topless waiters might be a safer bet than a stripper. Topless waiters are interactive, a lot less expensive and are there for the duration of your hen night rather opposed to a 15 minute show. Topless waiters are easy to get along with as well as being easy on the eyes. The waiters know how to make all the girls feel special and are very attentive and accommodating. If you do want a stripper but don’t want them to go ‘all the way’ talk to us and let us know just how much flesh you want to see and/or press 😉

Sexy Life Drawing

Is your hen the artsy type? Get creative with our naughty hens life drawing event! Our Adam brings to you the ideal combination between nudity and champagne. Spend the afternoon sketching a gorgeous toned male life model while you learn how the pros do it with a professional artist tutoring your session. You’re guaranteed to get lots of laughs here!

Hens Night Party Cruise

It’s time for total surrender. Let’s spice up the mix with 6 of the the hottest guys in Sydney with the world famous iconic views of the Sydney Harbour and you get the perfect viewing pleasure all round. Start your night at 7pm and experience exceptional dining, exquisite desserts, champagne, chocolate fountains and divine cocktails. Then at 9pm the hen’s night begins with dancing, music, games, frivolity, sexy dance competitions and the Sydney Hotshots. This is a night to leave you and your girls talking about for a long time to come!

X-Rated Hens Night Out

It’s about making the last night count and this is as good as it gets! One of our most popular Hens Party Ideas takes you straight to the Vegas Hotel and Lounge in Kings Cross to see the infamous Sydney Hotshots. Get your blushing bride to be on stage with the sexiest men in Australia and have her teased and twirled by one of our handsome hunks. After the 2 hour show we’ll get you to a classy bar with a free drink on arrival and an opportunity to party with the boys all night.

The Whole Shabazz

Dance clubs, sleazy bars, pool halls and strip joints — why choose just one? Explore them all in the lap of luxury: a chauffeur-driven limo. Arrange for the car to pick up everyone at a designated location, and that way you’re free to go where you please and drink as much as you like. Just make sure the night ends at the house, apartment, or hotel where everyone will be crashing, so no one has to drive home. If a limo isn’t your style or you have a large group to consider then a party bus could be your best option. Get the music pumping all the way around Sydney!

If you’re looking to book onto one of our notorious hen’s nights either in Sydney or across Australia give us a call today on (02) 9659 4111 or email us at