Sydney’s Hotshots Live at Sexpo 2018

The Official Male Revue Partner

+ Host Partner in the All Male Revue Lounge

+ part of the official main stage entertainment at the 2018 Sydney Sexpo!



Over the 4-day period of Sydney’s biggest health and lifestyle adult exhibition, we will be promoting all the Hotshots up and coming shows through flyers, announcements, ticket giveaways, poster boards, live performances and other promotions. An estimated audience of 30 000 people will attend the expo and will be exposed to our brand-new show with all new performers, choreography and routines.

The Sydney Hotshots is Sydney’s longest running and most successful male revue show. Our 2-hour show presents the best available in the glitzy world of male performers. The chosen ones are toned and fit, sport washboard abs, and have cheeky twinkles in their eyes. The choreographed dance show sees them performing across Australia and New Zealand all year long, to the laughter and screams of an estimated 80 000 women annually. It’s less Full Monty and more Magic Mike, and almost definitely more famous than the Chippendales in the land Down Under.

With performers from London, Vegas, Rio, Barcelona and Sydney – all trained at the Hotshots headquarters The Vegas Lounge in the heart of Sydney – these guys make up undeniably the most captivating male cabaret around. The show features chart-topping music of all genres performed in group and solo routines. The show is renowned for its high-powered groups and solo routines, spectacular lighting, and irresistible blend of sex appeal, humour, games and BIG personalities. Their drop-dead gorgeous physiques and warm personalities have made the Hotshots favourites as guests for television appearances, including the Midday Show, Sunrise, Good Morning New Zealand and countless radio programmes and newspapers all over Australia and New Zealand.

SEXPO was conceived in Melbourne and is the longest running adult consumer exhibition in the world. It is also one of the busiest consumer exhibitions in Australia, having drawn crowds several million strong throughout its 20+ year history. The aim of the first SEXPO was simple; bring adult productions out of the adult stores and present them to the public (and women in particular) in a comfortable and fun atmosphere. It was first held at the Carlton Crest Hotel in Albert Park, Victoria in October 1996, with an attendance of just over 5000 people. Since these auspicious beginnings, SEXPO has gone from strength to strength, staging exhibitions in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart, Gold Coast and Townsville, and diversifying its offerings to include not only adult related content, but also world-class health & lifestyle products and education.

In 2007, the first international SEXPO was held in Johannesburg, South Africa and in late 2015, SEXPO had its inaugural London show. 2018 celebrates this magnificent success story at SEXPO’s 22nd Anniversary.

Catch the Sydney Hotshots live at Sexpo throughout the exhibition each day on 14, 15, 16, and 17 June 2018 and at the Vegas Lounge every Saturday night in the heart of Kings Cross.

Birthday ideas for the Dirty Thirty!

Forget the 21st’s, the 25th’s and even the hens nights ladies – this time round we are all about the good old dirty thirty!

Here at Hotshots HQ you are probably already very familiar with the shenanigans that we get up to. These include (and aren’t limited to) drooling over hot guys all day, thinking up some fab ideas for parties and amongst these thought processes we hit a wall – why haven’t we done this before?

This goes out to all the ladies who are “over the hill”, the single mums and even the careless wine-guzzling aunts – say hello to the Dirty Thirty!




Whoever said ladies in their thirties couldn’t party have it very, very wrong. Here are our top 5 ideas to smash out for a fabulous Dirty Thirty celebration for you, your friends and even your family.


  1. For the low key girls, make it a flirty thirty party.

Yes we all know the ones that aren’t exactly the run-of-the-mill little trashbags most of you are. For the girls that aren’t quite so scandalous, throw her a flirty thirty theme. You can find some pretty cute and classy decorations that everyone will enjoy – some suggestions are pink shot glasses, pink frosting on the cake and I’m sure you’d be able to find some gorgeous Thirty & Flirty sashes for the birthday girl to wear on the evening!

2. Dirty Thirty merchandise.

For the very dirty girls, mums and ladies, we are talking penis straws, penis-shaped birthday cakes, dirty party bags and A LOT of dirty booze! Why not do some googling and find some dirty-themed cocktails to make for the special lady? And we aren’t just talking a Sex on the Beach… We are thinking Suck, Bang and Blow!



3. Play games!

Who wouldn’t love a night in (or out, maybe you could organise to do this whilst pre-drinking) with a cheese platter and some great wines with your girlfriends, and of course some dirty thirty games?

If the celebration is before the birthday girl actually turns 30, you and the guests could put together a list of things she has to do before she turns 30 – better yet, organise for all of those things to be done on that night! You could grab a whiteboard and have everyone write down 30 things they know about the birthday girl, their 30 favourite memories with them and maybe even think of 30 things they’d like to do before they turn 40. Not exactly a dirty thirty, but fun, nonetheless!

4. Stupid themes.

For all the girls who “just wanna have fun”, a theme might be a great idea for a dirty thirty party. With an 80s theme, everyone can wear their legwarmers, leotards, fluorescent stockings, put on some colourful makeup and enjoy a great customised playlist featuring lots of Bon Jovi, Madonna and Michael Jackson!

80s costume

Another option is of course the infamous dirty thirty dress-up theme. If the celebration is around Halloween time, we could have some fun with it and get everyone dressed up in their scariest outfits.


5. Hire a stripper.

What more could you want for a dirty thirty themed party? Grab the girls, book a hotel room, order some canapes and hire a stripper just for the dirty thirty birthday girl. Here at the Sydney Hotshots we can provide you ladies with the HOTTEST strippers ever, whether that be for a hotel party, a function hall or even in a home we can always guarantee someone fun and gorgeous for your celebration!


With costume choices of policeman, fireman, sailor, tradie and more, there’s nothing better for the dirty thirty birthday girl.

And if you want the entire night to be planned from start to finish by us, and if you want a 30th birthday celebration that’s as dirty as possible, head to our Vegas Lounge page and enquire about our packages today!

Planning a hens night? Here’s what NOT to do!

There really nothing worse than Bride-zilla on the day of her wedding… Or is there?

How about Bride-zilla on the day of the most important party and girls night out of her entire life?

Yeah… that’s what we thought.


Here at Hotshots HQ the girls are all about handling crises – whether it be beauty or fashion mishaps, and we are also great at avoiding the most common mistakes made on the a girls’ biggest party of their lifetime: the hens night.

hens night girls

  1. Letting the hen get so drunk she remembers nothing.

Okay so this is obviously one of the biggest blunders… we definitely don’t want to make sure the hen forgets her very special night out!

For a hens night well spent, we want to create memories, make sure the most important girl in the group gets everything she wants (to an extent – when she says SHOTS FOR EVERYONE do not take it literally) and we want her to be pampered and enjoy her night to the fullest.

A good way to do this is – perhaps don’t start the champagne too early! It goes straight to the head and that means less shots, and more toilet breaks – definitely a faux pas!

2. Getting the maid of honour so drunk she remembers nothing!

Okay, the second most important girl of the evening. We definitely don’t want the 2IC to get so drunk she has no idea what’s going on, and forgets that she is basically the wedding planner! A hens night is supposed to be about having a blast before your girl gets hitched, so don’t let silly cat fights and drunken crying get in the way.

3. Making the stripper cry…

We all know this one, am I right? When all the girls in your group are just insane and create so much drama that the poor stripper starts to cry, or it could be when the girls choose the stripper and he turns out to be a not-so-Prince-Charming, and not good enough for the hen. Know your girl and pick a dashing guy that she will drool over… Have a look at our topless waiters and strippergrams for more ideas 😉

4. Forgetting the food!

hens night food

The food, the food! This is an ESSENTIAL PART of hens night planning – you know why? Because it could possibly stop points 1 and 2 above from happening!

Lining your stomachs with some fabulous food before the drinking starts can seriously save your hens night from being a blunder to a huge success.

There are heaps of different options for you when it comes to planning the food, it doesn’t have to be a tedious process. If you have an exclusive hotel room for a party before the party, you could order canapes or even get all the girls to bring a plate of food each.

Some good suggestions that everyone is sure to enjoy could be some Japanese food if the girls don’t want to feel too bloated, or some hearty Italian food – a foolproof choice

5. Forgetting the weather.

We mean it when we say the bride will freak out if it rains on her parade. Plan ahead of time and think of some secondary options to make sure you have choices to fall back on, just in case the hens night involves a beach party, and it starts to pour down with torrential rain.

How to be the best maid of honour ever!

Here at the Sydney Hotshots HQ, we all know that helping your best friend plan a wedding can be super challenging, confusing and stressful at best. So we thought of a few top tips on what you can do to make sure the day is a huge success and as smooth-flowing as possible, and of course ways to make sure your friendship with the bride doesn’t end up strained.

bridesmaids blog post

  1. Get organised.

Ladies, she’s chosen you to be her maid of honour for a reason – and whether that may be because you’re her closest friend or the best party planner, you should accept it and take it as a huge compliment to yourself. But as they all say, with great power comes great responsibility, so its essential to be on top of your game from the start of wedding planning, from start to finish.

  • Get yourself a day planner and a calendar dedicated only to wedding planning. This will help you visualize your daily tasks and assign them to different times and days. It’s a great way to avoid silly mistakes and miss deadlines.
  • Post-it notes are saviours – using them around your house and on your mirrors are a great idea to keep to deadlines and remind yourself of important tasks.

2. Accompany the bride to every appointment.

We all know that girls are fussy and indecisive, and half the time we can’t even decide where to eat for dinner, let alone decide on a venue for the most important day of her life! She needs a second opinion for everything, so one of the best things you could do as a maid of honour is to make sure she gets that!

3. Never bitch to the bride.

The last thing she needs before her special day is added stress, so make sure you keep it all to yourself when it comes to matters of silly politics and bitchiness with the other bridesmaids. It’s best to also keep things like the expenses and how time-consuming it is to yourself, or if you really need to, vent to someone who doesn’t know the bride.

4. Say yes to the dress!

As a maid of honour, your taste in fashion is valued but at the end of the day it isn’t your special day so say “yes!” to whichever dress the bride chooses for the bridesmaid dresses! Even if you don’t like it, remember it’s just a dress, and you only have to wear it for one day. 🙂

5. Plan an epic hens night bash!

Ahh yes, the best part. The maid of honour’s best, and possibly most grueling task of them all. Making sure your bride and bridal party have the best night can be difficult, but if you do it with the Sydney Hotshots, you’ll be set and all good to go!

vegas 15 2 2014 044_cut
The Sydney Hotshots have heaps of ideas for you to plan your perfect hens night bash!
  • Depending on where you live, the Sydney Hotshots are a touring male revue show so you can jump on our tour dates here and plan the hens night in advance!
  • For the Sydney-siders, we have the perfect options for you. Our hens night cruise is super popular for those balmy summer nights but if you’re looking for a male revue show (Magic Mike style), our Vegas Lounge option is perfect for you. Situated in Kings Cross, you have 3 different package options; $30 show only, $40 VIP and $75 VIP dinner & show package to choose from to suit your night perfectly.
  • We’ve got topless waiters, performers, a DJ and a bar right next to the show area – it’s the perfect situation for a hens party! You’ll definitely be voted as best maid of honour ever for booking with the Sydney Hotshots. For more information head to our Vegas Lounge info page.

On the road and loving it – Sydney Hotshots return to Queensland!

The Sydney Hotshots team have been on the road and loving it for the past 3 months – through South and Western Australia, the great Northern Territory and this week they are entering sunny Queensland!

The Western Australia and Northern Territory run has definitely been a journey. From 20 hour drives to doing plenty of sightseeing, spending time with gorgeous wildlife and meeting new friends, the guys halfway through their massive tour and hitting Queensland today.

The guys made their memories by enjoying gorgeous sunsets, sunrises and even spent a night in the famous Wolf Creek crater! Unfortunately along the way they unluckily ran into some trouble – in the middle of the night on a very long drive, they hit a cow and their tour van was badly damaged – but the good thing is no one got hurt and they managed to get back on the road in good spirits.

jason blog post nt



Tues 7                   Marine Hotel Motel – 07 4066 8662

Wed 8                   Kalamia Hotel Ayr – 07 4783 4141

Thurs 9                 Commercial Hotel Charters Towers – 07 4787 1391

Fri 10                    Brothers Leagues Club Townsville  – 07 4773 6699

Sat 11                   Ravenshoe Hotel – 07 4097 6136

Wed 15                 Collinsville Bowls Club – 07 4785 5444

Thurs 16               Prince of Wales Hotel – 07 4945 1912

Fri 17                    Mareeba Memorial Bowls – 07 4092 5288

Sat 18                   Herbert River RSL Club – 07 4776 5157

Wed 22                 Sarina Hotel – 07 4956 1686

Fri 24                    Queens Beach Motor Hotel – 07 4785 1555

Sat 25                   Andergrove Tavern – 07 4955 5444

Tues 28                Jolly Collier Hotel – 07 4958 1155

Wed 29                 Coal and Cattle Hotel – 07 4997 1511

Thurs 30               Grand Hotel Biggenden – 07 4127 1252



Fri 1                     Leichhardt Hotel – 07 4927 6733

Sat 2                    Mayfair Ridge Tavern – 07 4987 4081

Sun 3                   Pine Beach Hotel – 07 4939 6100

Wed 6                  Woodgate Beach Hotel – 07 4126 8988

Thurs 7                Fiveways Hotel – 07 4632 3782

Fri 8                     Tremors Nightclub – 0409 942 528

Sat 9                    Grand Hotel Gladstone – 07 4972 2422

Sun 10                 Miriam Vale Hotel – 07 4974 5209

Wed 13                Grand Hotel Gayndah – 07 4161 1200

Thurs 14              Irish McGann’s Roma – 07 4622 1330

Fri 15                   Hervey Bay Sports Club – 07 4128 9348

Sat 16                  Across the Waves Sports Club – 07 4152 1531

Fri 22                   Grand Hotel Ipswich – 07 3288 9123

Sat 23                  Lowood Tavern – 07 5426 1355

Wed 27                Fiveways Hotel – 07 4632 3782

Fri 29                   Sunset Blue Function Centre – 07 3203 5029

Sat 30                  Coorparoo RSL – 07 3397 9955


Catch the guys in Queensland in June and July – make sure you call each venue for tickets quickly so you don’t miss out!




Mothers Day Ideas from the Sydney Hotshots!

It’s the time of year again to let the most important women in our lives know that we love them – Happy Mothers Day!

Us at the Sydney Hotshots HQ had a chat to Dave B and asked him why he thinks his mum is the best, and what he has planned for her on this special day.


“My mum is a single parent and raised 3 children on her own always there for us even when times were tough. She always scraped money together to put food on the table and for that I really admire her. I remember when yoyos were a craze and we didn’t have one she took us to the shop and got us one each and that just showed me and my family how thoughtful she was even though we would sometimes struggle. Even though she’s gone through the hard times she’s always up for a party or a dance, she brags about to all her friends that I’m a Hotshot, I’m trying to keep her away from watching the show and she makes a mean chocolate fudge and cheesecake … But I can’t eat too much of that food because it’s sabotage for my abs! She has taught me how to treat a lady like a queen and how to always stick around and support when times get tough. My mum is my number 1 fan and I can’t thank her enough for everything she’s sacrificed for me!


This Mothers Day I’m going to be treating her to breakfast in bed then for lunch I’ll take her to her favourite cafe – it’ll all be a big surprise!”


Dave B knows how to treat his mum on Mothers Day.


For the rest of us ladies with no clue about what to do for our mums this Mothers Day, here are some great ideas put together by the staff at Sydney Hotshots HQ:

  1. Take your mum out for lunch by the beach.

Listen to her drone on about inane subjects and enjoy some seafood – but the best part of this idea is you could both have a giggle at the hot lifeguards too!

2.  Buy her Magic Mike XXL on DVD.

For her days off and for when she just feels like treating herself, let her enjoy some man-candy too – plus, who could deny a shirtless Channing Tatum and Joe Manganiello?

3.  This is our favourite and probably our best suggestion – take her out to a Sydney Hotshots show at the Vegas Lounge, Kings Cross!

You know the drill girls!
From sexy topless waiters to tanned, muscly and HOT performers, we have it all to make your Mothers Day treat hilarious, hot and extra special.

The night begins with a 3 course Italian meal, followed by our nation-renowned male revue show and finally, drinks at the afterparty. All for just $75 each!

The best part is, our shows are ALWAYS hot, fun and safe enough to bring your mum!

Call us at 02 9659 4111 for all Vegas Lounge enquiries now 🙂


tom party time


Girls, we don’t usually play favourites but, how could you not with Dave B, our jack of all trades?



This gorgeous spunk is interesting, fun and loves to keep himself busy. If he’s not at the gym or being one of Sydney Hotshots’ most favoured performers, you can find him working as a forklift driver by day, plus he is a certified personal trainer. I bet you also didn’t know this ladies, but Dave also appears regularly on Channel 7’s popular TV show “Home and Away”, and on several other television commercials. He is cultured, handsome and of course, although he does a variety of other things, performing with the Sydney Hotshots has to be his favourite job. “I love performing and making the girls have the night of their lives, it gives me such a buzz!”


To catch Dave B in action, you can watch him at most of our Sydney/NSW shows, and for more information about our Vegas Lounge male revue show click here: Sydney Hotshots Vegas Lounge

Girls Night Out at Glenquarie Tavern – ‘Sydney Hotshots are definitely Hot!’

I recently enjoyed a girls night out at Glenquarie Tavern watching the Sydney Hotshots. We had such a great girls night out that we made a weekend of it in the city and booked another show at the Vegas Lounge. We enjoyed a VIP experience and partied at the Bellini Lounge after party and had an awesome night. Would definitely enjoy another show and have plans to organise another girls night out soon for the party girls that missed out on this experience. The guys are great performers and really set the atmosphere to continue partying on the rest of the night. Sydney Hotshots are hot and definitely an experience all ladies would enjoy!

By Margaret (Macquarie Fields, Sydney NSW)


Great Ideas for a Girls Night Out in Sydney!

Girls Night Out Crowd

Sometimes in life you just need to break away and head out with the girls for a great night out. There are hundreds of reasons for us girls to break away…hen’s parties, engagement parties, work parties, celebrations, or maybe we just need a little pampering. Luckily we live in Sydney and there are some brilliant options for us all around the city. There is nothing better than a bit of pamper and coordinated chaos.

Recently a friend of mine broke up with her long term boyfriend and she was pretty devo (as they say here.) We could have all gone over to her house to comfort her, but we wanted to make it upbeat and positive – the start of something new – so we hit the streets on a good old fashioned girls night out. First stop, hair and nails. Best confidence booster. We decided to add some dress up flair and have a night out with a focus on 50’s values, so it was beehives and pearls and the frocks and heels to compliment the day. Then, keeping to the theme, we found a boutique bar in Kings Cross and hit up the martinis and gin and tonics for a spot of false confidence.

Kings Cross has a natural air of decadence and we found ourselves at the Vegas Lounge where the Sydney Hotshots perform each Saturday. HOT being the operative word! Omiword! We bought the last remaining tickets, climbed the red carpet to the upper level, and the rest is history. I would like to say “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” but then there would be nothing to write about. So I’ll spill the beans. Topless hot male waiters everywhere! Six packs and ripples, giant white smiles and attentive eyes bringing you cocktails. A room full of women all on their own girl’s night out experiences. And what a group! There were at least 3 hen’s party groups, a gaggle celebrating an end of deadline party, a coming of age group and who knows what else. The reasons to be there seem endless and it was difficult to ask questions in the name of journalism with the pumping music and packed chairs. To paint a picture of the room, imagine 150 women all giggling and whispering to each other, sitting theatre style waiting for the show. It doesn’t stay that way though, once the show is underway there is whooping and screaming and laughing and the place turns to chaos. The lights turn down, the music heats up and for the next two hours we were absorbed in a show that featured six ripped men dancing, jiving and pulling women on stage in all sorts of antics. We laughed and drank until we became dishevelled and slightly unruly and then grabbed a taxi and hit up Newtown where we settled into a late night café to drink hot chocolate and people watch. We spent a couple of hours discussing life problems and then after enough hot chocolate to reverse two months worth of Pilates classes, caught another taxi to the late night venue, The Bridge hotel in Rozelle. It is renowned as a place where singles across the city get together to sing and dance the night away to a local singer/guitarist and we stayed there until eventually had to catch taxis home in the pre-dawn light, utterly exhausted but happy. It was absolutely brilliant and all of us loved every minute of our girls night out, especially our poor “dumpee” who has a new lease on life.

So after our fun, I thought I would check with the girls in the office and see where they go out. Helen went on a hen’s night with a bunch of old school friends and they chose a stripper cruise from Sydney Harbour. A smile lights up her face as she reminisces but doesn’t tell much other than to say that it’s the best night out you can have with girlfriends, especially ones that you don’t see too often. If you ask Susan if a girls night out is a recommended activity, she just smiles and says “for sure”. Loretta bursts out laughing when I ask her about her girls night out experiences. A few years back, 40 of them went out to see the Puppetry of the Penis show. They caught a party bus and went to the show (“utterly disgusting” she laughs naughtily), had dinner, drank too much, got silly, and then went onto a cocktail bar and then a late night underground dance party. She says she loved her time out because it’s a different atmosphere, you’re having fun with friends that you haven’t seen for a while and its just good to let your hair down. Finally I asked Bec. To celebrate a friend’s 21st, they hired a hotel function room and had a black and white theme night with a deejay, canapes and topless waiters. The room was decked out with different pamper options including facials, hair, nails, neck and shoulder massages, hand and foot massages and little gift bags on entry that included jewellery and chocolate. After decadent snacks hand fed by gorgeous men while they were being pampered, they took turns in speaking about the birthday girl and embarrassing her with funny stories. After three hours they left and met up with their boyfriends at the Ivy and danced until closing.

Everyone has at least one occasion where they need time out with their girls and luckily we live in one of the most diverse and exciting cities in the world where there are literally dozens of options and girls night out specialists to help make it memorable.

  • By Jennifer (Sydney, NSW)