Channing Tatum Eat your Heart Out: Meet the HotShots Will Taylor

Sydney Hotshots - Meet the HotShots Will Taylor

With his muscular arms, rock-hard six-pack and provocative dance routines, Channing Tatum sent worldwide audiences into a yet another frenzy last year in his role as Magic Mike in the hit movie franchise.

However, it’s not just buff 35-year-old Hollywood actors who know how to make a hot-blooded crowd go weak at the knees – enter The Sydney HotShots.

Australia’s most successful male revue act perform tantalizing shows every weekend for hen parties, girls’ nights out and those who just want to see a bunch of tight muscled hunks dance about in skimpy underwear. For many Sydney girls it’s a wild indulgent night that gives them something to smile about come Monday. In short they give you a weekend well worth remembering.

But who are the HotShots and what are they all about? Could it be true that all male strippers are representative of their stereotype? That they are brainless and this is the only job they can do?

Think again:

Introducing Will Taylor to the mix and seven reasons why we love him (aside the obvious).

  1. Will spent 5 years in the military conducting counter piracy in Somalia. He’s a qualified canoeing/kayaking instructor, open water diver, wreck diver AND paraglider. If you thought it couldn’t get any more advanced that this then you’re wrong. Will’s also a downhill slalom skier for the military championships. He’s brave, adventurous and a real go-getter.
  2. Ever seen a pilot in uniform? Will’s not only piloted a plane, he’s also jumped out of one by himself.
  3. He’s smart and knows how to lay a good conversation down on the table. Will has his A- levels in graphic design, modern history, psychology, critical thinking & philosophy and ethics.
  4. He’s an ex-military cross country champion AND a fitness instructor.
  5. He speaks Spanish, French and a little Turkish
  6. As a qualified electrician Will knows how to make sparks fly.
  7. He plays the guitar too ♥

Come and see Will perform live at the Vegas Lounge this Saturday. You can keep up to date on his whereabouts by visiting or giving us a call.