Girls, we don’t usually play favourites but, how could you not with Dave B, our jack of all trades?



This gorgeous spunk is interesting, fun and loves to keep himself busy. If he’s not at the gym or being one of Sydney Hotshots’ most favoured performers, you can find him working as a forklift driver by day, plus he is a certified personal trainer. I bet you also didn’t know this ladies, but Dave also appears regularly on Channel 7’s popular TV show “Home and Away”, and on several other television commercials. He is cultured, handsome and of course, although he does a variety of other things, performing with the Sydney Hotshots has to be his favourite job. “I love performing and making the girls have the night of their lives, it gives me such a buzz!”


To catch Dave B in action, you can watch him at most of our Sydney/NSW shows, and for more information about our Vegas Lounge male revue show click here: Sydney Hotshots Vegas Lounge