FAQ – Frequently asked questions at Sydney Hotshots

Do you take late bookings on the day or night of the show?
Late bookings are accepted, but we cannot guarantee that we will be able to send your preferred stripper.
How do I book a Hotshot?
Contact 02 9659 4111 now and our friendly staff will help you, or fill out the online booking form and one of the Hotshots staff will contact you to confirm your booking.
What costumes can we choose from?
All of the Hotshots have a range of novelty costumes available including Police man, Fireman, Cowboy, Pizza delivery guy and the list goes on! Please note that specific costumes depend on the performer available.
How do we pay for our Hotshot?
Payment is made to the dancer or waiter in cash on arrival at your party. Or you can pre-pay by Credit Card over the phone, or via direct deposit.
What time will my stripper arrive?
While we do the best we can to ensure that your dancer arrives on time, sometimes things such as traffic, weather, or delays at a previous booking may affect the arrival time of our stripper. It is for this reason that we ask you to give us a window of at least 30-60mins for when your dancer can arrive.
Do we need to leave a deposit when we make a booking?
It is entirely up to you if you would like to make a deposit for your booking. We do ask when packages are purchased that a minimum 10% deposit is made prior to the night of the booking.

Got a question you need answered?

To make an inquiry, a booking for the Saturday Night Sydney Show or for your function, please call 9659 4111 or use the booking form on our contact page one of our friendly Sydney Hotshots staff will contact you to confirm your booking.

Phone: 02 9659 4111
Fax: 02 9659 4199
E-Mail: info@sydneyhotshots.com