Hens Night in Sydney with Sydney Hotshots

Welcome to the ultimate Hens Night in Sydney brought to you by Sydney Hotshots! Elevate your bride-to-be’s celebration with a variety of exhilarating Hens Party experiences. From captivating male revue shows to stunning cruises and vibrant nights out, we craft the perfect blend for your dream Hens Night in Sydney!

Hens Night Experiences:

Experience an array of unique and exciting Hens Night ideas that promise an unforgettable celebration for your bride-to-be and her squad.

1. Allure of the Sydney Hotshots:

Immerse yourself in the magic of Sydney Hotshots‘ live show! Treat your entourage to an evening of entertainment as our male revue artists captivate the stage. Enjoy a fireman’s special attention to the bride-to-be, followed by an exclusive afterparty. Price: $75 per person.

2. Sizzling Male Strippers at Your Service:

Create laughter and excitement with our charismatic male strippers! Choose between a tantalizing G-string strip or an electrifying Full Monty performance, ensuring the bride-to-be feels extra special on her night.

3. Topless Model Waiters for Pre-Hens Drinks:

Begin your Hens Night with style by inviting our topless model waiters to serve during your pre-party drinks! They’re here to ensure your celebration kicks off with flair and indulgence.

4. Elegant Girls Life Drawing Session:

Indulge in an elegant and creative life drawing session! Our skilled artist, Adam, guides your group through a delightful artistic experience while enjoying champagne and laughter.

5. Hens Night Cruise on Sydney Harbour:

Embark on a magical journey aboard a Hens Night Cruise on Sydney Harbour! Revel in fine dining, delightful desserts, and mesmerizing cocktails. Dance, play games, and enjoy the Sydney Hotshots’ sensational live performance.

X-Rated Hens Night Out:

Experience an evening of unmatched entertainment! Join us at the Vegas Hotel and Lounge for an exclusive showcase by the Sydney Hotshots. Watch your bride-to-be become part of the show and revel in the exciting afterparty.

Tailored Hens Night Packages:

Explore customized packages catering to your preferences! From luxurious limo rides to adventurous club hopping, our tailor-made options ensure your Hens Night is precisely what you envision.


Tom Carey

Book Your Hens Night in Sydney:

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