Great Ideas for a Girls Night Out in Sydney!


A dragging week at work can leave you parched for some fun (a LOT of fun). And what better way to wash out the exhaustion than your ladies, tequila and Sydney Hotshots in the most happening town?

Stressful days at work, a recent ex-boyfriend, and an annoying neighbour, everything calls for hen’s night out. Sitting on your desk waiting for the weekend to start at 4:59 PM, counting seconds to 5, you are in the right place. Dial up your kitties before taking a breath and declare – I am feeling naughty. And IT. WILL. BE. ON.

Head out to South Wales because the sultry air of King’s Cross has the answer to your every stress in the world – Sidney Hotshots

So, slip into the skimpiest, most revealing, plunging gold dress you have (It is going to be a hot night).

Ask your girlfriends to pick you up, looking like a dessert that can burn a hole in anyone’s pocket. You are now ready to party!

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A dream.

Every Saturday night at the Vegas Lounge is a night of going wild and free with the “gurlies”.

Charming smiles with shirtless bods serving you your poison, pampering you, seducing you out of your wits. These hotshots have pumped muscles and carved calves for all the ladies in the house. Going around the room with a tray of cosmos in hand, these hunks can make the night as spicy as we girls like.

We all know how dirty we can get when we have our squad around. Saturday night live at Vegas lounge is ten times dirtier with tons of girl-squads, flowing alcohol, and smacking booties left and right. So, you don’t have to worry about anyone bailing on you at the last minute, we got you covered, girlfriend.

The bar will be open and flowing from 8 pm onwards, and you can go around feasting eyes on the hottest men in Sydney, stripped to THEIR knickers, for some pre-show warm up fun.

In an hour, at 9 pm, you will be enjoying a painfully teasing and extremely steamy strip show that will make you forget about your bad week in a moment.

Not that half naked beautiful gentlemen aren’t a good enough reason to spend Saturday nights with the Hotshots, to top it off, their shows come with the cherries of exciting gifts and prizes. I know, I don’t need another excuse to hit the turps at the bar of Vegas Lounge.

The best thing is that their show doesn’t end with just got strippers, a wickedly funny MC comedy by gorgeous drag queens follows. Charming and all kinds of naughty, trust me, this is the kind of show you want all your weekends to be made of.

Bring over your coven of bad witches because these Sydney Hotshots have got the steamiest games and naughtiest competition for you to win prizes and remember this night of absolute fun forever. They will even bring you up on stage for some up-close and personal attention, if you know what I mean *wink* *wink*.

And if you are worried about being bothered by a lecherous drunk on your night, then just stop worrying. Sydney Hotshots have made a safe environment for every girl to let her hair down and be herself without being bugged even a tiny bit.

Two hours of laughing, dancing, seduction and mouth-watering men at your service, I don’t think any other idea of ‘party’ can one-up this. So don’t worry about if your weekend outfit is racy and rather if it’s racy ENOUGH.

Why should you go to see Sydney Hotshots?

If you’re looking for a reason or the “perfect occasion” to blow of some steam, let tell you, every reason and no reason is perfect to go to enjoy their show.

But to help you, these Hotshots can arrange for a perfect Hen’s night just the way you like. Whether it is for your soon-to-be bride girlfriend’s bachelorette or to celebrate a dirty-thirty birthday party, you will find the full entertainment package here.

You can pick the hunks you want to serve your ladies, how much and what they’ll wear, how much fun you want to have with them, EVERYTHING.

And even if it’s just a regular Saturday when you want to let loose and let the alcohol wash over you, our hunky man-candies will take good care of you.

So call up the gang and get in the mood, you deserve a night (many nights) of some naughty fun.