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Tom Carey


Spunky, Smooth and Seductive

Toned to perfection, this hotshot would definitely capture your attention walking down the street! Tom comes highly recommended for his sexiness and charm with the ladies- believe me, he knows just what to say to make you blush. You’re sure to have the Hens Party of the year with this hottie around.

This man is the all-round perfect package. He has the looks, the charm, and he’s a top-notch TOPLESS WAITER. Expect pure professionalism, but plenty of fun and laughs as this man takes charge of the entertainment. He’ll you in fits of laughter. BOOK HIM before anybody else does to make sure you have the night you’ve been dreaming of.

Tom’s Shows

  • Spartan
  • Cop
  • Fireman 
  • Tradie