Mother’s Day Ideas from the Sydney Hotshots!

dave balassa

It’s the time of year again! Let the most important women in our lives know that we love them with the best Mother’s Day Ideas. Happy Mothers Day!

Us at the Sydney Hotshots HQ had a chat to Dave B and asked him why he thinks his mum is the best. Which Mother’s Day Ideas has he planned for her on this special day?

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Sydney Hotshot Dave B

“My mum is a single parent and raised 3 children on her own always there for us even when times were tough. She always scraped money together to put food on the table and for that I really admire her. I remember when yoyos were a craze and we didn’t have one she took us to the shop and got us one each. That just showed me and my family how thoughtful she was even though we would sometimes struggle.

Even though she’s gone through the hard times she’s always up for a party or a dance, she brags about to all her friends that I’m a Hotshot, I’m trying to keep her away from watching the show and she makes a mean chocolate fudge and cheesecake… But I can’t eat too much of that food because it’s sabotage for my abs! 

She has taught me how to treat a lady like a queen and how to always stick around and support when times get tough. My mum is my number 1 fan and I can’t thank her enough for everything she’s sacrificed for me!

This Mothers Day I’m going to be treating her to breakfast in bed then for lunch I’ll take her to her favourite cafe. It’ll all be a big surprise!”  

1. Take your mum out for lunch by the beach.

Listen to her drone on about inane subjects and enjoy some seafood. However, the best part of this Mother’s Day idea is you could both have a giggle at the hot lifeguards too!

2. Buy her Magic Mike XXL on DVD.

For her days off and for when she just feels like treating herself, let her enjoy some man-candy. Who could deny a shirtless Channing Tatum and Joe Manganiello?

3. This is our favourite and probably our best Mother’s Day Idea! Take her out to a Sydney Hotshots show at the Vegas Lounge, Kings Cross!

You know the drill and Mother’s Day Ideas, girls! From sexy topless waiters to tanned, muscly and HOT performers. We have it all to make your Mothers Day treat hilarious, hot and extra special. The night begins with a 3 course Italian meal, followed by our nation-renowned male revue show and finally, drinks at the afterparty. All for just $75 each! The best part is, our shows are ALWAYS hot, fun and safe enough to bring your mum! Call us at 02 9659 4111 for all Vegas Lounge enquiries now 🙂