What’s your ideal guy?

David Beckham

In between working with the Hotshots performers, chatting with media and of course our favourite fangirls, the ladies in the Hotshots office like to have a bit of fun and discuss our ideal guy. The pressing question in particular that we came across today was not who, but what kind of guy really gets us going. And of course we couldn’t help but to compare with our fave very, very hot celebs! We started with personality traits, because what’s the use of a dashing guy with potatoes for brains? No one really loves a himbo.

Romantic and respectful 

The romantic, respectful way of opening doors for her, helping her put her coat on and pulling her seat out for her at the table are definite musts. There is nothing better than a guy who really makes an effort and pulls out all the stops to be a real gentleman. True romance these days are really hard to come by. And once I found the perfect guy I married him!”

The ideal guy is honest

The next girl said honesty is the best policy, and one of the most attractive attributes in a guy. Social media these days really is taking over and causing a few issues when it comes to faithfulness (for lack of a better word). Honesty in a guy and a relationship brings everything back to basics.

Good sense of humour

Of course, a good sense of humour is a huge tick in our department. I mean, if we work for a touring male revue we have to find a sense of funny! A few of our favourite Hollywood guys were all unanimously agreed upon as our ideal guys when it comes to physical appearance. The finalists were narrowed down to Brad Pitt, Christian Bale and David Beckham. All very hot and very delicious to look at!

David Beckham

David Beckham takes the cake when it comes to our ideal guy! And now down to the crunch! Why not find your ideal guy at our next Sydney Hotshots show live at the Vegas Lounge? Haha! Package options of:

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… are available for your choice, but tickets are limited so you best book now by calling us or going here to buy tix online! And remember ladies, there’s no such thing as a perfect man… Until they find the perfect woman 😉