Sometimes in life you just need to break away and head out for a girls night out. There are hundreds of reasons for us girls to break away…hen’s parties, engagement parties, work parties, celebrations, or maybe we just need a little pampering. Luckily we live in Sydney and there are some brilliant options for us all around the city. There is nothing better than a bit of pamper and coordinated chaos.

Recently a friend of mine broke up with her long term boyfriend and she was pretty devo (as they say here.) We could have all gone over to her house to comfort her, but we wanted to make it upbeat and positive – the start of something new – so we hit the streets on a good old fashioned girls night out. First stop, hair and nails. Best confidence booster. We decided to add some dress up flair and have a night out with a focus on 50’s values, so it was beehives and pearls and the frocks and heels to compliment the day. Then, keeping to the theme, we found a boutique bar in Kings Cross and hit up the martinis and gin and tonics for a spot of false confidence.

The Best Girls Night Out in Sydney

Kings Cross has a natural air of decadence and we found ourselves at the Vegas Lounge. The venue where the Sydney Hotshots perform each Saturday night. HOT being the operative word! Omiword! We bought the last remaining tickets, climbed the red carpet to the upper level, and the rest is history. I would like to say “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” but then there would be nothing to write about. So I’ll spill the beans. The ultimate girls night out

“Topless hot male waiters everywhere!”

Topless hot male waiters everywhere! Six packs and ripples, giant white smiles and attentive eyes bringing you cocktails. A room full of women all on their own girl’s night out experiences. And what a group! There were at least 3 hen’s party groups, a gaggle celebrating and an end of deadline party. Also a coming of age group and who knows what else.

The reasons to be there seem endless and it was difficult to ask questions in the name of journalism with the pumping music and packed chairs. To paint a picture of the room, imagine 150 women all giggling and whispering to each other, sitting theatre style waiting for the show. It doesn’t stay that way though, once the show is underway there is whooping and screaming and laughing and the place turns to chaos. The lights turn down, the music heats up and for the next two hours we were absorbed in a show that featured six ripped men dancing, jiving and pulling women on stage in all sorts of antics.

We laughed and drank until we became disheveled and slightly unruly and then grabbed a taxi and hit up Newtown. There we settled into a late night café to drink hot chocolate and people watch. We spent a couple of hours discussing life problems and then after enough hot chocolate to reverse two months worth of Pilates classes, caught another taxi to the late night venue, The Bridge hotel in Rozelle. It is renowned as a place where singles across the city get together to sing and dance the night away to a local singer/guitarist. We stayed there until eventually had to catch taxis home in the pre-dawn light, utterly exhausted but happy. It was absolutely brilliant and all of us loved every minute of our girls night out. Especially our poor “dumpee” who has a new lease on life.

Girls Night Out Stripper Cruise on Sydney Harbour

So after our fun, I thought I would check with the girls in the office and see where they go out. Helen went on a hen’s night with a bunch of old school friends and they chose a stripper cruise on Sydney Harbour. A smile lights up her face as she reminisces but doesn’t tell much other than to say that it’s the best night out you can have with girlfriends, especially ones that you don’t see too often.

If you ask Susan if a girls night out is a recommended activity, she just smiles and says “for sure”. Loretta bursts out laughing when I ask her about her girls night out experiences. A few years back, 40 of them went out to see the Puppetry of the Penis show. They caught a party bus and went to the show (“utterly disgusting” she laughs naughtily). They had dinner, drank too much, got silly, and then went onto a cocktail bar. In the end they had a late night underground dance party. She says she loved her time out because it’s a different atmosphere. You’re having fun with friends that you haven’t seen for a while and its just good to let your hair down.

Topless Waiters & Strippergrams

Finally I asked Bec. To celebrate a friend’s 21st, they hired a hotel function room and had a black and white theme night with a deejay, canapes and topless waiters. The room was decked out with different pamper options including facials, hair, nails, neck and shoulder massages, hand and foot massages. They also had little gift bags on entry that included jewellery and chocolate. After decadent snacks hand fed by gorgeous men while they were being pampered. They took turns in speaking about the birthday girl and embarrassing her with funny stories. After three hours they left and met up with their boyfriends at the Ivy and danced until closing.

Everyone has at least one occasion where they need time out with their girls. Luckily we live in one of the most diverse and exciting cities in the world. In Sydney we have literally dozens of options and girls night out specialists to help make it memorable.

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