Planning a hens night? Here’s what NOT to do!

There really nothing worse than Bride-zilla on the day of her wedding… Or is there? How about Bride-zilla on the day of the most important party and girls night out of her entire life? Some hens night rules are needed, that’s what we thought.

Here at Hotshots HQ the girls are all about handling crises and hens night rules. Whether it be beauty or fashion mishaps, and we are also great at avoiding the most common mistakes made on the a girls’ biggest party of their lifetime: the hens night. 

1. Letting the hen get so drunk she remembers nothing.

This is obviously one of the biggest blunders when it comes to hens night rules… we definitely don’t want to make sure the hen forgets her very special night out! For a hens night well spent, we want to create memories, make sure the most important girl in the group gets everything she wants. (to an extent – when she says SHOTS FOR EVERYONE do not take it literally) We want her to be pampered and enjoy her night to the fullest. A good way to do this is – perhaps don’t start the champagne too early! It goes straight to the head and that means less shots, and more toilet breaks – definitely a faux pas!

2. Getting the maid of honour so drunk she remembers nothing!

Okay, the second most important girl of the evening. We definitely don’t want the 2IC to get so drunk she has no idea what’s going on, and forgets that she is basically the wedding planner! A hens night is supposed to be about having a blast before your girl gets hitched, so don’t let silly cat fights and drunken crying get in the way.

3. Making the stripper cry…

We all know this one, am I right? When all the girls in your group are just insane and create so much drama that the poor stripper starts to cry, or it could be when the girls choose the stripper and he turns out to be a not-so-Prince-Charming, and not good enough for the hen. Know your girl and pick a dashing guy that she will drool over… Have a look at our topless waiters and strippergrams for more ideas 😉

4. Forgetting the food!

The food, the food! This is an ESSENTIAL PART of hens night rules – you know why? Because it could possibly stop points 1 and 2 above from happening! Lining your stomachs with some fabulous food before the drinking starts can seriously save your hens night from being a blunder to a huge success. There are heaps of different options for you when it comes to planning the food, it doesn’t have to be a tedious process. If you have an exclusive hotel room for a party before the party, you could order canapes or even get all the girls to bring a plate of food each. Some good suggestions that everyone is sure to enjoy could be some Japanese food if the girls don’t want to feel too bloated, or some hearty Italian food – a foolproof choice

5. Forgetting the weather.

We mean it when we say the bride will freak out if it rains on her parade. Plan ahead of time and think of some secondary options to make sure you have choices to fall back on, just in case the hens night involves a beach party, and it starts to pour down with torrential rain.