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Sydney Confidential We 8th July 2015

More stripper news: THESE Aussie blokes are living the Magic Mike dream.

Members of the Sydney Hotshots male revue say the Hollywood film and its follow-up, Magic Mike XXL, wholly reflects life on the road as a stripper.

“It is exactly like the film so it is quite cool,” said Will Taylor, a Brit who was working as a model in the UK when he auditioned to join the troupe and subsequently moved to Australia.

“Girls are more interested in getting up and dancing with us than they are groping us. Its a proper show and it takes a lot of balls to get up on stage. Once you’ve done that it is like a big achievement.”

The Sydney Hotshots are 18 guys in total consisting of two groups. One is touring the country while the other is based out of Sydney.

“Putting on a good show gives you the ultimate buzz,” said 25-year-old Rudi Sagan. “I love a big crowd and to hear the screams is addictive.”

Luciano Patches. 23, has been with the Sydney group for four months.
“I’ve never had a dance lesson,” the former gymnastics coach said. “When the music is that good you don’t really need to think about it that much.”

None of the boys have girlfriends, saying they could but it is hard when they travel so much. They train at least five days a week.

“I wish I could dance as good as Charming Tatum,” said Davey Hughes, 35, a veteran of the industry with 15 years’ experience.
“I can’t retire because it is such an adrenaline rush. You’ll do any job if girls are screaming for you.” Stay up to date with our stripper news!