Throw the Ultimate Hens Party that Makes You Smile for Years

Hens Night

When wedding bells make you lose sanity, and the stress of preparation keeps piling up, an action-packed outing with a hens party is a much-needed escape for the bride-to-be and her girl gang.

From getting sloshed at beach parties to wandering in a stranger city, to spending an x-rated girls night, there are several ways to unleash your wild side. And if you are stuck on ideas or execution, we’ve got your back.

If you are tasked with pulling together the ultimate hens night, here are a few tips so that you don’t mess things up, because deep down you know it’s more important than the wedding itself – it simply goes without saying.

Have a word with the bride-to-be (try to keep the conversation subtle)

The bride-to-be is all happy and excited about the wedding, but at the same time, she’d love to let off some steam and indulge for a while. There’s no better way to give her a memorable experience than turning her secret desires into a vivid reality. To start with, know what she wants. Now it’s up to you if you wish to keep this as a surprise or rope her in for planning out that perfect night.

Any which way you choose, this is where you must come into full force to give her a night full of adventure and steamy action that starts right here. Read on…

Treat for the sore eyes.

Amidst the heady champagne, lip-smacking appetisers and groovy music, why not put some eye candy to complete the perfect picture? If you want to leave your girl gang moaning and squirming in their chairs, let the hunky hotshots put on a strip show, where they dance, tease and keep the atmosphere friendly with cheeky conversations.

However, if you don’t want to go overboard, having a bunch of sexy topless waiters around is the best way to pull off the night without guilt.

Topless waiters are a treat for the sore eyes. They make sure the champagne keeps flowing in the crowd. They are attentive, accommodating and make every girl out there feel special in their presence.

Bring out the artist in you.

Let our professional artist teach you the easiest way to sketch the gorgeous model posing for your girl gang. It’s a rare opportunity outside our ‘craft centre’, so make the most of it right here, right now. Not the artsy type? Perhaps a glass of wine will help you wing it. Lots of laughs and puns are guaranteed too.

Cruise your way to La-La Land

What do you get when you mix the sublime views of the Sydney Harbour with six of the sexiest guys in Sydney? A perfect viewing pleasure at an unprecedented scale. When the clock hits 7, the party gets started with fine dining, champagne and desserts. And shortly after, you see sexy topless waiters marching in with champagnes and divine cocktails to offer.

The real action begins at 9 when our Sydney Hotshots raise the temperature with sexy dance performances and striptease staged around the bride-to-be.

Break the rules

You have a single shot at making the last night count. Perhaps going extreme is the last resort. One of our popular hens night packages take you to the Vegas Hotel in Kings Cross where all the action unfolds to give you and your girls a night to remember for years to come. Let your blushing bride be pulled up on stage by our handsome hunk for a steamy tease and watch her going bonkers over it.

Once the show is over, head to one of the classy bars in town where you can drink and dance the night away with the boys.

If you’re looking forward to booking one of our notorious hen’s nights in Sydney or somewhere else in Australia, call us on (02) 9659 4111 or email us at [email protected]