Sydney’s Secret Bachelorette Party Ideas

hens night

Your best friend has just announced that she’s getting hitched, so you’re all smiles and boozy congratulations. However, then the conversation turns to hen party ideas and panic sets in. Don’t let the idea of entertaining a group of ladies who may only have the bride in common gets you in a fluster. Explore these ideas from some of our past groups: 

Secret Dinner Surprise with topless waiter for your Bachelorette Party Sydney

Sure, dinner and drinks is a fail proof combination. However if you’re looking to take the adventure level up a notch, book a topless waiter with it. Perfect for groups 20+, pick from a themed private event package. Let the team organise everything. Hosted at venue of your choice in Sydney. How exciting!

Boozy Lunch in the Sunshine

The sun is shining, you’re in your prettiest outfit surrounded by the ladies for a delicious feast. Next thing you know, a round of mimosas lands on the table. Swapping your morning brew for a tipple may sound too good to be true, but this could all be served by one of our boys! 

Customise your Bachelorette Party Sydney with exclusive adult entertainment that is both sexy and hilarious. You pick your favourite trippers from our team via our website, ensuring you get the guy your future bride likes the best. You can add additional male dancers to your package and keep the party going all night!

Our professional topless waiters are among our most popular hens party ideas. Customise your hens night package with any number of shirtless waiters and enjoy their undivided attention as your night progresses. Select your favourite one right here or visit one of our shows for a sneak peek on Saturday night at the Vegas Lounge